Update for Haunted Happenings at Work: New England


Please see my original post for the background to this true account: https://4girlsandaghost.wordpress.com/2011/10/11/haunted-happenings-at-work-new-england/.

I have already shared the story of my sister Dee’s (now former) workplace, a preschool in Hampstead, NH. The original part of the building was constructed about two hundred years ago and went through a devastating fire in the 1870’s which left a small girl named Agnes dead. Though other teachers had experienced some pretty telling evidence, such as toys found in the middle of a recently tidied room, after-hours when the children were long gone, my sister had only experienced “circumstantial” evidence. While she was there after hours, she would occasionally hear movement in the older parts of the building, or sometimes a toy would start when she walked through an empty room. This was nothing that Dee couldn’t convince herself was coincidence or overactive imagination. Continue reading


Hauntings at Home: California!


During a lonely night...

Uncle Scotty is my boyfriend, Leo’s very eccentric great uncle.  He’s in his late eighties, is legally blind (though he can see shapes), and although he is widowed and suffers from cancer, he outright refuses to move out of his home and go to live with my boyfriend’s dad (Uncle Scotty’s nephew). There’s also the drinking and the womanizing that he was famous for in his earlier years…but as this is a paranormal blog and not a partying blog, we won’t delve into that.

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Murderous May: Family Murder


This story begins in a small sleepy village on the south shore of Long Island, New York. A place which was officially incorporated in 1894, though it was the home to Montaukett Indians long before then. In the early 70s, this seaside village was turned on its head and thrust down a road of infamy few residents appreciated.
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Ghosts of Ireland: Irish American Family Leprechaun

My dad was a highly intelligent man.  I’m not just saying that because I’m biased, although I am.  I’m saying he was intelligent as a matter of fact. He was an aerospace engineer at Grumman. He was a level headed man, a devout Catholic and a very proud Irish American. His mother had been born in County Mayo, Ireland and his paternal grandparents came from County Cork.  He was also a huge family man….evinced by the fact that we had ten children in our family. My father shared this story with my oldest sister, Elizabeth.

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