Screams Unheard

There is no comparison between a ghost story that is meant to thrill and a true monster.  Those monsters don’t live under the bed or in the closet; they aren’t waiting to make you scream in a darkened movie theater.  The real monsters may include the mild mannered, unassuming man driving in the car next to yours.  They may include the quiet neighbor that smiles and waves to you as you simultaneously pick up the morning paper.  You may never suspect who they are–a fact they are very aware of and play to their advantage.  This was certainly the case with Gary Ridgway, who outwardly appeared as harmless as they come.  It was a deceptive facade for a depraved, cold blooded killer.  Although originally convicted of 48 murders in 2003, with an additional charge of murder added in 2011, his death rate was likely much higher.  He has confessed to more murders since his conviction and eluded to others, putting the number closer to 71.  Who really knows the number of women that lost their lives to this pathetic yet ruthless excuse for a human being, for even Ridgway has claimed to have ‘lost count’.
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Ma Barker House for Sale

It seems that the house once lived in by the notorious Kate “Ma” Barker is up for sale for a cool million. To be honest, I thought a house whose final occupant was as notorious as Barker was would fetch more, but alas it is not so. The house is located in rural Ocklawaha, Florida, 62 miles northwest of Orlando. Bullet holes can still be seen as in the photos of the accompanying article.

Hideout of gangster ‘Ma’ barker up for sale