Haunted Long Island: The Milleridge Inn


The Milleridge Inn: Jericho, NY

The Milleridge Inn in Jericho is one of Long Island’s most picturesque restaurants.  The original part of the restaurant was built as a two room house back in 1672 by the Willets, a Quaker family. The house grew along with Long Island. It was used to quarter Hessian and British soldiers prior to (and perhaps during) the Revolutionary War.  The home witnessed the winds of war and the onset of independence.

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Haunted Happenings at Work: New England!


Haunted New England

My sister Dee lives in New England…that enchanted region of witches, ghosts and legendary goblins.  New England is the quintessential setting for a Halloween tale.  This one is true and experienced by someone close to me, so it is a special favorite of mine.

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Haunted Lodgings: Hotel Congress


Hotel Congress

At 311 E Congress Street in Tucson, Arizona you’ll find a virtual vortex in time because this little Hotel still functions with a nostalgia for all things 1920’s. Not only do they still do things “old school”, but they have a few authentic “old school” residents who have yet to leave the premises.
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