Hauntings at Home: California!


During a lonely night...

Uncle Scotty is my boyfriend, Leo’s very eccentric great uncle. ┬áHe’s in his late eighties, is legally blind (though he can see shapes), and although he is widowed and suffers from cancer, he outright refuses to move out of his home and go to live with my boyfriend’s dad (Uncle Scotty’s nephew). There’s also the drinking and the womanizing that he was famous for in his earlier years…but as this is a paranormal blog and not a partying blog, we won’t delve into that.

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The Meeting (Jadewik)


Oh, the car ride to our lodging in Batesville, Mississippi was a hoot! I was in excellent spirits at being given the chance to go “adventuring”– that’s what I call traveling. Skatha picked me and ScoobyFan up from the airport. Fortunately, our flights arrived within an hour of each other, so it wasn’t that long of a wait before we were on the road. (I was only modestly molested by airport security, for which I’m thankful.) We were all in good spirits and excited to finally meet one another. The meet up was Skatha’s idea, and it was kinda nice to get to see my virtual friends in person– especially since they’re all so fun. (I was glad we got the chance to meet up!)

Batesville Plantation

A cool plantation style house near where we stayed. I can't seem to find my photos of the plantation we stayed at.

Pulling up to the plantation was delightful, albeit a little chilly and a lot humid. (“Chilly” is relative to someone from the Sonoran desert…) The plantation style house with veranda was so picturesque– almost like it was something out of a Samuel Clemens book– I had to jokingly ask if Tom Sawyer lived next door. I was dying to hear some of the history of the great south too. I’d Googled some local tourist sights and bookstores because it always seems you can never find good ghost story books about a location unless you’re at that location. I didn’t know if I’d be able to do anything with that, but I had the information just in case.
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Reader Submission: Fort Casey


I’m pleased to say one of our readers, Ampbreia, has written up her experiences at Fort Casey on Whidbey Island, WA and posted them on her blog– with photos! (I love photos and these are fantastic!) I also love reading spooky stories and personal experiences and this one is great! Thanks for sharing your story with us, Ampbreia!

You can read her spooky experience which includes a ghostly hand, mysterious necklace and an area that gives off creepy vibes here, on her blog:
My Spooky Experiences at Fort Casey