The haunted bus stop…


A LONG-time driver who regularly passes the Dilke Hospital during the night has the shivers after encountering what he believes is a ghost…twice!

Not wishing to be identified in case his employers worry about his state of mind, the man says he is sure there is something supernatural about a figure waiting in the road by the bus stop at the Dilke side of the road – only to vanish when the kind-hearted driver offered him a lift into Cinderford.

The first time it happened 18 months ago, knowing no bus was due, he drew in to offer the man a lift. The half-past midnight encounter was unsettling.

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Ghost sightings reported by anglers


Fishermen casting off from a iconic Victorian pier in North Somerset have found their lonely vigils interrupted by a “ghostly figure” who appears and disappears in the mist.

Anglers who use the historic Clevedon Pier regularly say they have caught glimpses of an apparition staring out to sea.

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