Haunted Lodgings: Hotel Congress


Hotel Congress

At 311 E Congress Street in Tucson, Arizona you’ll find a virtual vortex in time because this little Hotel still functions with a nostalgia for all things 1920’s. Not only do they still do things “old school”, but they have a few authentic “old school” residents who have yet to leave the premises.
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The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

One of the most chilling books I ever read when I first became interested in horror novels was “The Shining”. The premise of a large hotel, abandoned by everyone for the winter except a caretaker and his family set the stage for the insanity and murder that followed. Many years later, I discovered that the author, Stephen King, had stayed at a hotel right before they were about to close for renovations. The hotel was nearly empty, and King’s imagination was fueled to write the tale of terror.

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Haunted Lodgings: R.M.S. Queen Mary (Ghosts)


R.M.S. Queen Mary

The previous entry provided history pertaining directly to the Queen Mary as a whole. History can play an important factor in the stories of haunted locations, so it’s important to know history because it can give insight as to why a particular area is experiencing haunting. It also provides a great window into the past because you can understand what other things that might have been going on at that time which may have resulted in spooks and specters.

Unfortunately, some of the more tragic events that have happened aboard this stately ship have sparked questions as to whether the ship bears the scars of those who perished between her iron walls…
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Haunted Lodgings: R.M.S. Queen Mary (History)

RMS Queen Mary

The RMS Queen Mary at sunset.

The R.M.S. Queen Mary is a relic of a time when luxury ocean liners ruled the open seas. Now, this ship sits as a silent sentinel on the shores of Long Beach, California. Her permanent address is 1126 Queens Highway. Although she has since retired from sailing the seas, the Queen Mary has a history as rich and proud as her namesake. She was a luxury ocean liner, a troop transport and inspiration for adventurous stories. Now, she serves as a hotel for guests seeking luxurious accommodations and the experience of a lifetime.
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Haunted Lodgings: Bisbee Inn/Hotel LaMore


Contrary to the popular movie remake of 3:10 to Yuma, the City of Bisbee is not flat at all. Rather, it’s a mining city built on the side of a mountain chain. The city itself is overrun with stairs, tiers of buildings built at the base of hilltops or on the tops of hills and narrow, winding streets, some of which are not even wide enough for cars to traverse. The Bisbee Inn, also called the Hotel LaMore, is perched atop Chihuahua Hill (also called “B” Hill) at 45 OK Street where it overlooks the Copper Queen Hotel in the district of Old Bisbee. The hotel boasts a lengthy past as a lodging for miners and that past has given the place enough time to build a reputation of hauntings.
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