Another Reason to be Careful While Ghost Hunting

You just never know what you’re going to find while wandering through a cemetery or graveyard. Case in point: a small tour group in the UK town of Hull stumbled across a porn shoot while on a tour….

The group were examining gravestones on the south side of Sculcoates Lane in Hull last month, when they heard groans.

When they went to investigate, presumably searching for paranormal activity, they found a couple having sex on a patch of ivy, filmed by two men.

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Woman blames poltergeist for noisy parties

You know, I must say it’s rather low for you to blame your rowdiness on the non-existent, but apparently at least one woman in East Yorkshire feels free to do just that. I guess people everywhere just don’t want to take responsibility for themselves anymore.

Leanne Fennell, 20, told neighbours that a ghost had been playing loud music and throwing empty beer cans into the garden of her home in Hull, East Yorks, when they complained about the noise.

Fennel has now been evicted from her council house after Hull City Council took her to court after ignoring a noise abatement order.

Council officers also seized four televisions, four DVD players and a CD player, which will now be destroyed, from the property in Wexford Road.

Furious neighbours had to put up with night after night of loud parties at Fennell’s home – which regularly ran on until the early hours of the morning.

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