Weird Illinois: The Story of Dorothy


Well…it’s my turn for the Weird Weekend, and let me tell you folks..Illinois can be the land of the odd! Much of it has been captured previously in the book “Weird Illinois” by Troy Taylor. It covers many attractions in the “Land of Lincoln”, some of which I grew up near and have been able to visit. However, the ones I have chosen for blogging are two that I have never had the opportunity to see. One is the sad story of a young girl’s grave whose name will be forever remembered in fantasy. The other is the legacy of a man with a unique vision and everlasting love for the woman who saw his eccentricity as brilliance. So sit back and read today of the girl whose life ended far too soon, but whose name has lived on in the stories of her uncle–a man named Lyman Frank Baum.
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UL: Dark Side of the Rainbow


In 1939, L. Frank Baum’s tale of a young Kansas farm girl who gets transported to the magical land of Oz was immortalized on film. It’s impact is world wide. The United States Library of Congress selected it to be part of the National Film Registry in 1989. The British newspaper The Observer noted in 2007 that the film’s soundtrack is the greatest of all time.
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