Scary Stories List

Okay so I’m a day late and more than a dollar short, but I just found this list on the Huffington Post’s website. It’s their list of the 14 scariest ghost stories. A lot are available online and linked in the list. Enjoy!!

Feel free to review any of them for us if you dare read them!


One night in Rob Portman’s haunted hotel


LEBANON, Ohio—The sun is setting on this small town in southwest Ohio, and when darkness reigns, strange things happen at the Golden Lamb Inn. Or so I’m told.

The Inn, owned by the family of Ohio Sen. Rob Portman for the better part of the last century, is the oldest hotel in the state. Since it opened as a simple lodge in 1803, 12 presidents have visited and scores of notable guests like Charles Dickens and Mark Twain have walked the halls.

In that time, at least three guests have died here. Some believe that the spirits of the unlucky trio never left.

A prospective vice presidential candidate owns a haunted hotel? Get me a reservation.

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The Inn’s website in case you’d like to book a night: The Golden Lamb Inn