For A Helping Hand…..

We would like to take a minute from our regularly scheduled blogging to offer our support and to send positive energies for the people who have been affected by the severe tornadoes, in particular those living in Joplin, Missouri. The devastation there is terrible and we can only hope the relief is given quickly to these people who have lost everything.

Here is some information for anyone who is able to assist in any way. Special thanks to Debunk Paranormal for gathering this information.

Our thoughts are with all of those affected. Stay safe.

We would encourage all who can to donate to the Tornado Relief Effort. There are many ways in which you can provide support, no matter how small.

The American Red Cross is providing food, shelter and emotional support in Missouri, Minnesota and other parts of the Midwest.

To make a donation to the American Red Cross’ Disaster Relief, visit its online donation page. Once there you can enter the zip code for Joplin, 64801, to make sure that the money will be directed to their local Joplin chapter.

You can also call 1-800-RED-CROSS or text “REDCROSS” to 90999 to make a $10 donation. Contributions may also be sent to your local Red Cross chapter or to the American Red Cross, P.O. Box 37243, Washington, D.C. 20013.

World Vision teams are heading to Joplin, Mo., and northern Minneapolis, Minn., to assess the tornado damage. World Vision focuses on aiding children and is providing hygiene kits, cleaning supplies and other relief and building items.

To donate $10, text the word “TORNADO” to 20222 or call 888-56-CHILD .

To donate to the United Way, call 417-624-0153.

The Salvation Army’s emergency disaster services teams are helping to feed residents and first responders in Joplin; Reading, Kan.; and parts of Minnesota affected by the storms.

To donate to the The Salvation Army’s efforts, visit and click on the donation page.

You can call 1-800-SAL-ARMY and donors can text “JOPLIN” to 80888 to make a $10 donation. And you can mail a donation to Joplin Tornado Relief, The Salvation Army, 3637 Broadway, Kansas City, Mo. 64111

To Help and Find Relatives

The American Red Cross’ Safe and Well website helps friends and family connect with those in devastated areas.

On Facebook, several pages have been created to assist concerned relatives in finding loved ones and getting information on how to help: Help Joplin and Joplin, Mo., Tornado Recovery.

Missouri residents with medical skills who want to help, can go to

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