Top 10 Haunted Colleges in the Southwest


If you’re at the stage of your life where you’re thinking to the immediate future about where to go to college (I’m not speaking to those of you who just graduated in May or June who should already have your plans laid out), here are ten schools for your consideration listed here due to their haunting factor.

10. Utah State University – Logan, UT
9. Oklahoma State University – Stillwater, OK
8. Johnson & Wales University – Denver, CO
7. Texas A&M University – College Station, TX
6. University of Arizona – Tucson, AZ
5. New Mexico State University – Las Cruces, NM
4. University of Colorado, Denver
3. University of La Verne – La Verne, CA
2. University of Texas at Austin
1. University of Nevada – Reno, NV

This link directs you to short blurbs about how each school is haunted: full story


More ghost towns


Of course not every ghost town really looks like a ghost town. There are a few – like Bodie, CA – where buildings exist in a state of “arrested decay” and others, like Virginia City, NV where people still live in the towns even though they’re designated as ghost towns.

I hit another jackpot on Yahoo where they have a list of nine ghost towns in the US that typically date to the 19th century. The link at the end will be where you can see photos and read information about the history of these towns. Also, if you enjoy ghost towns as much as I do, a great resource for ghost town exploration is It is a very well organised site and will tell you how to get there – if you can drive up by car, if you have to rent a 4×4 or if you have to abandon motorized vehicles of all kinds and simply hike. The ones in Colorado and parts of Nevada and California are where you’ll typically find those.

These are the sites listed on the Yahoo article:

  • Rhyolite, NV
  • Bodie, CA
  • St Elmo and Tincup, CO
  • Calico, CA
  • Ashcroft, CO
  • Grafton, UT
  • Gleeson, AZ
  • Kennecott, AK
  • Fairbank, AZ

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