Burbon Street Blood Bath

When I first learned of this case, it had been transmogrified. I already knew that legends change from telling to telling, but this story is an excellent example of how the stories we hear aren’t always as they seem. What I had heard about a “vampire murder” was, in fact, a much greater tragedy. I briefly talk about my quest for truth in a previous blog article called “New Orleans Vampire Murder: A Lesson in Truth“. This article approaches the story from a different angle– it contains further details of the crime and investigation as described in the television broadcast of the Investigation Discovery network’s show “Dead of Night”. Tuesday, March 26, 2013 was when they first broadcast the episode titled “Bourbon Street Bloodbath” which regards this phantasmagorical murder. Because of the interest in this story, I’ve decided to summarize the details presented in the episode of Dead of Night.

Once again, please note that comments to this article have been CLOSED. This blog is NOT a memorial. It’s NOT meant to berate or glorify those involved in the murder. This is NOT a place to grieve for those who have lost their lives in conjunction with this event. This article was written for the purpose of conveying information about the event and also to correct misinformation being spread throughout the paranormal community. Continue reading

French Quarter shop owner sees dead people

I noticed this story on the website for our local newspaper and thought it would be cool to share. My problem with photographic evidence – other than the obvious of being very easily manipulated on a computer – is this….

… if you hold a lighted magnifying glass close enough to some of her photos and stare really, really hard, you could make out man-in-the-moon features.

If ghost photography is really possible, I don’t want to have to stare really really hard at anything to see what should be plainly obvious. I have seen photos people have taken of a residential street and then digitally zoomed in on one house with a bay window in front and claimed to see a ghost in the window. It’s convenient for people to overlook the fact that when most photos are enlarged, they are also distorted. Especially the details.

Cynthia Badinger knows you may not believe that she’s able to photograph ghosts. She said that if someone told her they could photograph ghosts, she’d be skeptical too. But Badinger has proof, hundreds of snapshots of apparitions mostly seen in the sky and on balconies in the lower French Quarter. She showed them to me as we stood in her crowded French Quarter art shop. We were kept company by her scruffy little dogs, several concrete courtyard cherubs and a statue of Napoleon, who had an incredulous look on his face.

Badinger said that the translucent orbs that pop up on her Canon digital camera screen are spirits. You can see faces in the orbs, she said. Sure enough, she showed me that if you hold a lighted magnifying glass close enough to some of her photos and stare really, really hard, you could make out man-in-the-moon features. Sometimes you can make out dogs and animals. It’s like looking at clouds. She has a chilling photo of an orb with a mysterious teeny tiny face that appeared in a Gentilly Boulevard church window. She thinks that maybe it’s the ghost of a priest.

The ephemeral blue soldier silhouette hovering on the balcony above the coffee shop across the street from her shop at 940 Royal St. is her ghost photo masterpiece. If you try, you can make out crossed cartridge belts, a beard and maybe mutton chop sideburns.

If you try.

Considering Badinger’s buoyant attitude and all the spirit orbs floating all over the place in her photos, it’s irresistible to describe her as bubbly. She talks a mile a minute in one of those great old-time New Orleans accents and shuffles through her photos like a card dealer at Harrah’s. Here’s the photo of the orb behind the curtains. Here’s the orb on New Year’s Eve. Here’s the orb over St. Louis Cathedral and the orb near the old Ursuline convent.

Full story

American Horror Story: Coven

FX seems to be on par with TNT, cranking out good original dramas, some even meant to keep you up late at night. This is the case with American Horror Story which first aired back in 2011.

This year, the show is moving south being set in New Orleans, while alternating between the present day and 1830s. Angela Bassett will have the role of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau. But more interestingly, Kathy Bates will portray socialite and, if stories are to be believed, mass murderess Madame LaLaurie. For these two reasons alone, I will be tuning into this series to see where they take things and how each of these two infamous women are portrayed.

Other stars of the show will be Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Frances Conroy, Lily Rabe and others. The premiere is October 9th on FX. 

Paranormal Festival

If any of our readers live in northwest Louisiana, southwest Arkansas or in Texas within a reasonable distance of Shreveport, they are having a Paranormal Festival June 20 – 23. Despite living in New Orleans, I won’t be able to make the trip since my father’s birthday is that weekend. If anyone happens to go, please drop us a line – either via email (address is on the right sidebar) or by commenting on this post – and let us know about your experiences.

Details about the Festival can be found here: Downtown Shreveport Paranormal Festival

New Orleans Vampire Murder: The Real Story Televised

Those of you who follow this blog might be interested to know that one of the stories we mentioned here at The Witching Hour blog is part of a TV series on Investigation Discovery (ID). The story was about Shawn Johnson. Here on the blog it’s titled New Orleans Vampire Murder: A Lesson in Truth. (Please note: This episode has nothing to do with our blog entry other than a shared topic.)

The Investigation Discovery (ID) network has a show called “Dead of Night”. They aired an episode titled “Bourbon Street Bloodbath” regarding this phantasmagorical murder on Tuesday, March 26, 2013.
A clip from the show titled “He Heard Screaming” is/was available here:

If you have the ID channel, you can see when the “Bourbon Street Bloodbath” episode airs by going to this website:

If you aren’t able to watch it, I finally posted a recap of “Burbon Street Bloodbath” after watching the show– granted, the show was still worth watching.