A Night in Bisbee’s Copper Queen Hotel


I had the fortune of staying with my husband in the very grand Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee, Arizona. Long-time readers of this blog may be familiar with the article I wrote about the place and some of the ghostly happenings in the hotel. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), it was a holiday weekend and the hotel was fairly full of guests. My husband and I were given a room on the least haunted of the floors– the second floor– in a room on the opposite side of where most of the hauntings occur. The ghosts left us alone. Sad as that news is, I was fortunate enough to get some photos of the inside of the hotel and have updated the Copper Queen Hotel article I wrote to include these photos. We waited ’till morning to go ’round the building and were, therefore, able to get photographs inside several of the rooms– one of them, the infamously haunted Julia Lowe Room!

Also, while we were in Bisbee, I took some time to visit the Oliver House. I had also written an article about this fine hotel– which also has new photographs as well. Since I first wrote the article, I have also updated it to reflect information I obtained from an old newspaper accounting of the Nat Anderson murder. (This update was made a while ago.) Bisbee tour guides like to soup the story up and say “thirty-three people died”… but the newspaper article makes it sound like it was only one man who met death that day. I asked the hotel manager/owner for the date of the thirty-three murders while I was there. He didn’t deny the story or substantiate the large body count. He simply stated that was the story so far as the local tours tell it and gave me a 1920’s date matching the Nat Anderson murder, which remains unsolved to this day. Anyway, if you missed the story the first time it was posted or you just want to see what has changed, check it out– Bisbee’s Oliver House.


Haunted Lodgings: Bisbee Oliver House B&B

Oliver House

Located at 126 All Souls Avenue, perched atop a concrete hill in Old Bisbee is where you’ll find the Oliver House. This red brick structure currently functions as a bed and breakfast to guests of all kinds– including some who are no longer among the living. In fact, despite the cheerful appearance of the building and its premiere location for bird watching, the building has an ominous feeling and a violent past.
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