American Murder Houses: The Gardette-Laprete* House

At the corner of Orleans Street and Dauphine Street in the heart of the French Quarter sits a rather unassuming four story Greek Revival house  of an indistinct shade of pale pink. Black wrought iron elegantly compliments the simplicity of the pale wall colouring. Walking past it, no one would guess that it was once the site of a pretty gruesome murder that happened in the 19th century. Local paranormal enthusiasts probably know the house better as The Sultan’s Palace, so if you’re ever in town and want to have a gander, ask for that rather than The Gardette-Laprete House.
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Hampton Court Palace, London

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace is famed for being the home of Henry VIII and five out of his six (unfortunate) wives.  Outside of England, however, it is not well known that the Palace was in fact built for a commoner, Thomas Wolsey. Thomas Wolsey was born of relatively humble origins, but graced with the fire of ambition.  He followed a career in the church, and a career it was…not a divine calling. His thirst for power pushed him higher and higher through the church’s rank and ultimately into politics, from Archbishop of York to his final position of Lord Chancellor of England.  Over his stellar career, he perhaps saved more money than he did souls, for he was able to commission a truly palatial home on a choice piece of property right along the Thames in London.

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