Hair-raising chills as poltergeist runs riot at Brum salon

Probably just want their hair cut. 😀

A poltergeist is giving customers at a Birmingham salon a hair-raising experience by spooking them as they get their locks cut.

Both staff and customers at Nokes’z Hair in Church Road, Northfield, have been subject to the weird goings-on over the last four years.

They have reported seeing a ghostly face staring at them in the darkness – while a spooky image has also been captured on film. John Conway, from West Midlands Ghost Club, was photographed seated at the salon, with a strange swirling mist near his face.

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Woman blames poltergeist for noisy parties

You know, I must say it’s rather low for you to blame your rowdiness on the non-existent, but apparently at least one woman in East Yorkshire feels free to do just that. I guess people everywhere just don’t want to take responsibility for themselves anymore.

Leanne Fennell, 20, told neighbours that a ghost had been playing loud music and throwing empty beer cans into the garden of her home in Hull, East Yorks, when they complained about the noise.

Fennel has now been evicted from her council house after Hull City Council took her to court after ignoring a noise abatement order.

Council officers also seized four televisions, four DVD players and a CD player, which will now be destroyed, from the property in Wexford Road.

Furious neighbours had to put up with night after night of loud parties at Fennell’s home – which regularly ran on until the early hours of the morning.

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The Rosenheim Poltergeist: Hoax or Haunting?

A fascinating concept in the research and study of psychic and paranormal phenomenon is that of the ‘poltergeist’. Poltergeist in its literal translation from the German means ‘noisy ghost’. Quite simply, it is kinetic energy that is manifesting from a source that makes itself physically known. Witnesses of such activity have spoken of items flying around the room, furniture moving, sounds of knocking from an unknown presence, and even actual attacks.
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Prostitutes are People Too! (humour)


(I’m a librarian. I am walking through the children’s section and see a boy of around 12 browsing through ghost stories. He
picks up a book, opens it, and immediately drops it back on the shelf.)

Boy: “Ooh! That book’s too scary!”

Me: “What book is it?”

Boy: “Ghosts of Prostitutes.”

Me: “What?!”

(I walk over and pick up the book. It is titled “Ghosts and Poltergeists”.)
From: Not Always Right