American Murder House: General Wayne Inn – Merion Station, PA


Historic photo of the General Wayne Inn.

The General Wayne Inn was opened in 1704 and operated under various names, such as the William Penn Inn, the Wayside Inn and Streepers Tavern, before being renamed in 1793 in honor of General “Mad” Anthony Wayne, a local Revolutionary War and Indian War hero. Mad Anthony wasn’t the only Revolutionary War celebrity who had stayed or dined in the Inn. ¬†George Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette also supped there during the war. But the General Wayne Inn wasn’t just a restaurant and inn, it also served as a post office, a general store and a coach stop for many, many years. Continue reading

The “Halloween Campus” Murders


The “Halloween Campus” Murders

Did you ever hear about the episode of Oprah that had the psychic on who predicted a mass murder would take place on Halloween night? The murder was supposed to happen on a college campus. Oh wait a minute! It was Donahue! Yes, yes, the Donahue show. Or was it Montel? Geraldo? Joan Rivers?

Truth is, all of these hosts were mentioned as having this supposed psychic on their respective shows. The identity of the psychic also changes with each account. The first incarnation of this story Continue reading