Weird Arizona: Quartzsite Yacht Club

Quartzsite Yacht Club Sign

Quartzsite Yacht Club Sign

Deep in the Sonoran Desert, close to the Arizona/California border just off of I-10 is where you’ll find a little town called Quartzsite. You might be left scratching your head after hearing that this town actually has its own, officially recognized, yacht club even though the closest body of water is several hundred miles away. Yes, that’s right– it’s official. And, guess what? I’m actually a card carrying member.

I had read about the Quartzsite Yacht Club in Weird Arizona, a book in the ongoing series of books by Mark Sceurman and Mark Moran which highlights some of the more quirky aspects of the United States– the same book series we’re spotlighting this month here at Witching Hour. Up until I read that book, I’d never heard of the Quartzsite Yacht Club and I’ve lived in Arizona for nearly all my life. Upon reading the story, I immediately decided that, on my next road-trip to California, I would join the Quartzsite Yacht Club. That goal was made a reality in October 2010.
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