Fort Mifflin


I’m one of the people who fall into the category of People/Ghosts Haunt the Place of Their Death or A Place Important in Their Lives. Therefore, I do not believe cemeteries are haunted.  If people/ghosts haunt places of death, it stands to reason that a battlefield or other military installation would be high on the list of ‘most haunted’ places on Earth by sheer volume of potential individual entities lingering. So much pain and suffering, not only by those whose lives were abruptly ended in the name of something greater, but also those left behind.
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Evicting the Dead in Spain

MADRID — Pushed for space, a Spanish cemetery has begun placing stickers on thousands of burial sites whose leases are up as a warning to relatives or caretakers to pay up or face possible eviction.

Jose Abadia, deputy urban planning manager for northern Zaragoza city, said Monday the city’s Torrero municipal graveyard had removed remains from some 420 crypts in recent months and removed them to a common burial ground.

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Haunted Lodgings: St. Francis Inn: St. Augustine, FL


The St. Francis Inn in St. Augustine, Florida is an old building in an even older town.  The city itself dates back to 1565 and is the oldest continually inhabited European settlement in the United States.  The Inn dates back to 1791 when it was first built as a private residence.

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Huguenot Cemetery, St. Augustine, Florida


Huguenot Cemetery - St. Augustine, FL

The city fathers could not have picked a better location for Huguenot Cemetery in St. Augustine.   Located just outside the massive city gates  at a diagonal from the ancient Castillo de San Marcos, the old burying ground is within view of beautiful Matanzas Bay.  Dressed in lacy spanish moss and velvety green lawn, bedecked by weathered headstones, the cemetery is the proud grande dame of Avenida Menendez.
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Castillo de San Marcos – St. Augustine, FL

The Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine, Florida is a destination worth visiting, ghosts or no ghosts.  It is the icing on the cake for a visitor interested in the paranormal, that this ancient (for our country, at least) fort seems to house multiple hauntings.  The first block was laid for this venerable old edifice in 1672 as protection against pirates and other sea-born threats to the Spanish colonial town of St. Augustine.  It took 23 years for the fort to be completed, and in that time many of the workers employed in its construction perished from tropical heat and diseases, not to mention violence.  It was during the Spanish rule that the Castillo obtained its first ghostly duo.
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