French family blames ghosts for injuries

MENTQUE-NORTBECOURT, France, April 25 (UPI) — A French family said they have sustained injuries from flying objects at their home, which they believe to be haunted by ghosts.

The residents of the home in Mentque-Nortbecourt said a family member was hospitalized earlier this month after being struck by a chair in the face and a soap tray in the back, The reported Thursday.

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Ouija board helps psychologists probe the subconscious


For me personally, that these psychologists are using Ouija boards in this way only solidifies my belief that there is nothing evil about them and any alleged contact made is not a spirit nor, more importantly, demon. It’s simply the subconscious of the individual(s) touching the planchette.

Beloved of spiritualists and bored teenagers on a dare, the Ouija board has long been a source of entertainment, mystery and sometimes downright spookiness. Now it could shine a light on the secrets of the unconscious mind.

The Ouija, also known as a talking board, is a wooden plaque marked with the words, “yes”, “no” and the letters of the alphabet. Typically a group of users place their hands on a movable pointer , or “planchette”, and ask questions out loud. Sometimes the planchette signals an answer, even when no one admits to moving it deliberately.

Believers think the answer comes through from the spirit world. In fact, all the evidence points to the real cause being the ideomotor effect, small muscle movements we generate unconsciously.

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Ghosts of Ireland: Spring Hill

Besides being the name of a treacherously boring town in Central Florida, Spring Hill is the name of a historic home in County Londonderry, Ireland. The house was built in the late 1600’s as a result of a marriage contract between William Conyngham and Ann Upton.  Her father had a clause written into the contract stating that her husband must build her a “convenient dwelling house of lime and stone, two stories high with the necessary office houses, gardens and orchards.” This is historic proof that fathers have for centuries been looking after the best interests of their daughters.

Spring Hill

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Ghosts of Ireland: Charleville Castle


The notorious Charleville Castle is located in a “primordial forest” practically in the center of the Irish island, near the town of Tullamore in the County Offaly.  Originally called Charleville Forest Castle, it was commissioned in 1798 by the first Earl of Charleville, Charles William Bury. This imposing edifice was designed by the renowned Irish architect, Francis Johnston and was completed in 1812. (For such a haunted castle, it’s a bit young!)

Charleville Castle and Surrounding Forest

Some might say the castle is nestled among the trees…others may claim that the forest entombs the building; it really depends on your outlook. My view is that by day it is nestled, by night entombed! Many other people have a similar opinion. After all, the Charleville has been featured on Most Haunted, Ghost Hunters International and Scariest Places On Earth. But how does such a picturesque castle gather such a fearsome reputation? The answer is shrouded by the passage of time.

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