Ghosts of Ireland: Irish American Family Leprechaun

My dad was a highly intelligent man.  I’m not just saying that because I’m biased, although I am.  I’m saying he was intelligent as a matter of fact. He was an aerospace engineer at Grumman. He was a level headed man, a devout Catholic and a very proud Irish American. His mother had been born in County Mayo, Ireland and his paternal grandparents came from County Cork.  He was also a huge family man….evinced by the fact that we had ten children in our family. My father shared this story with my oldest sister, Elizabeth.

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Ghosts of Ireland: Charleville Castle


The notorious Charleville Castle is located in a “primordial forest” practically in the center of the Irish island, near the town of Tullamore in the County Offaly.  Originally called Charleville Forest Castle, it was commissioned in 1798 by the first Earl of Charleville, Charles William Bury. This imposing edifice was designed by the renowned Irish architect, Francis Johnston and was completed in 1812. (For such a haunted castle, it’s a bit young!)

Charleville Castle and Surrounding Forest

Some might say the castle is nestled among the trees…others may claim that the forest entombs the building; it really depends on your outlook. My view is that by day it is nestled, by night entombed! Many other people have a similar opinion. After all, the Charleville has been featured on Most Haunted, Ghost Hunters International and Scariest Places On Earth. But how does such a picturesque castle gather such a fearsome reputation? The answer is shrouded by the passage of time.

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