New Orleans Vampire Murder: The Real Story Televised

Those of you who follow this blog might be interested to know that one of the stories we mentioned here at The Witching Hour blog is part of a TV series on Investigation Discovery (ID). The story was about Shawn Johnson. Here on the blog it’s titled New Orleans Vampire Murder: A Lesson in Truth. (Please note: This episode has nothing to do with our blog entry other than a shared topic.)

The Investigation Discovery (ID) network has a show called “Dead of Night”. They aired an episode titled “Bourbon Street Bloodbath” regarding this phantasmagorical murder on Tuesday, March 26, 2013.
A clip from the show titled “He Heard Screaming” is/was available here:

If you have the ID channel, you can see when the “Bourbon Street Bloodbath” episode airs by going to this website:

If you aren’t able to watch it, I finally posted a recap of “Burbon Street Bloodbath” after watching the show– granted, the show was still worth watching.


My Old Apartment: Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Nighttime in Ft. Lauderdale

Between 2002 and 2005 I lived in an apartment outside of Ft. Lauderdale with my boyfriend and two of his daughters, Erika and Savannah. Quirky little things happened in this apartment, a few of which I will mention here.

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American Paranormal


I’ve just read that National Geographic Channel has its own paranormal programming which “mix[es] science, skepticism and eyewitness reports.” Unfortunately I do not have NatGeo as it is only available on the digital cable that our provider offers. The latest episode is scheduled for re-airing (it seems) on Sunday, 14 March.

TLC Jumps on Paranormal Bandwagon


The Learning Channel (TLC) is finally jumping on the paranormal bandwagon with their own special called “Paranormal Court”. It is by far the most absurd premise I’ve heard of for a paranormal television program. My opinion only. A blurb I found about it online:

TLC will premiere the one-hour special Paranormal Court, which follows renowned psychic medium Robert Hansen as he helps families find closure with the passing of a loved one, on March 27 at 10 p.m.

The show watches as Hansen is called in to settle disputes and get families the verdict they need they answer questions left behind from the death of someone close. Paranormal Court is executive produced for TLC by Fly On The Wall Entertainment’s Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan.