Unexplained Event


I decided to write about my unusual experience last night in the hopes that someone might stumble across this and give me a few ideas about what it was that caused whatever it was to happen.

I was sitting in my bedroom last night on my bed half watching tv and half playing a game on my laptop. Seemingly out of nowhere, a very strong odor of mint exploded into the air which then faded into something that smelt of menthol. My first thought was that it was the new hepa air filtering system I bought last weekened, so I bent close to the front of it and smelt nothing out of the ordinary. That is, the scent wasn’t stronger right in front of the machine.

The only other scent related event was that I was also painting my toenails, but anyone who has ever used nail polish or been around someone using it knows that it is a very distinctive odour. It smells nothing like menthol.

I’m pretty stumped as to what it was, but I don’t think it was paranormal, just… unexplained.

SHC Part II: The Wick Effect

This is the continuation of the article “SHC Part I: The Strange Case of Mrs. Mary Hardy Reeser”.

What is Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC)?

SHC is the phenomenon where a human being is incinerated without any known cause of external ignition. Rather, a chemical reaction from within the body causes it to burst into flames. The odd thing about SHC is that the torso and head are charred beyond recognition while, more frequently, the arms and legs of the body remain untouched by the flame as well as objects surrounding the victim. A greasy residue on the furniture and walls is often predominant in cases of SHC. There are also a rare handful of cases where the outside of the body has been charred and the organs are left unscathed by the fire.
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SHC Part I: The Strange Case of Mrs. Mary Hardy Reeser


Sixty-seven year-old widow, Mrs. Mary H. Reeser, was reclining comfortably in an easy chair in her St. Petersburg, Florida apartment (1200 Cherry Street, Northeast) at 9:00 P.M. on Sunday, July 1, 1951. That was the last anyone ever saw her alive. When she didn’t answer her door 11 hours later to receive a telegram her neighbor went to check on her. What was found was quite shocking. Continue reading