Another Reason to be Careful While Ghost Hunting

You just never know what you’re going to find while wandering through a cemetery or graveyard. Case in point: a small tour group in the UK town of Hull stumbled across a porn shoot while on a tour….

The group were examining gravestones on the south side of Sculcoates Lane in Hull last month, when they heard groans.

When they went to investigate, presumably searching for paranormal activity, they found a couple having sex on a patch of ivy, filmed by two men.

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Hair-raising chills as poltergeist runs riot at Brum salon

Probably just want their hair cut. ๐Ÿ˜€

A poltergeist is giving customers at a Birmingham salon a hair-raising experience by spooking them as they get their locks cut.

Both staff and customers at Nokesโ€™z Hair in Church Road, Northfield, have been subject to the weird goings-on over the last four years.

They have reported seeing a ghostly face staring at them in the darkness โ€“ while a spooky image has also been captured on film. John Conway, from West Midlands Ghost Club, was photographed seated at the salon, with a strange swirling mist near his face.

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Family lives inside cemetery

Just in time for Samhain, the family we can all be jealous of…


Would you be brave enough to spend Halloween sleeping in a cemetery?

For one family, this former mortuary chapel surrounded by crumbling headstones and eerie gargoyles is home 365 days of the year.

Unperturbed by its spooky statues and proximity to ancient graves, Jayne Stead and her partner Mike Blatchford fell in love with the one-time cemetery keeper’s lodge in Southampton, and set about turning it into a home for themselves and their three children.

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Speaking for myself, I wouldn’t mind living somewhere like this. I’d love to live in any converted home, especially in England. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ghost Towns: Maunsell Sea Forts

Anyone who is familiar with London knows that the river Thames flows through it and empties out into the English Channel. In the early years of the second World War, the British government had army sea forts built in the Thames Estruary to provide anti-aircraft fire in the area. Designed and built by Guy Maunsell, for who they are named, the sea forts are a collection of 7 towers with walkways connecting each to the central control tower. The towers were fitted with two 3.75-inch guns and two 40 mm Bofors guns.
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