Strigoi by Wynter Wilkins

I have a dear dear friend and sister whose book was recently published. If you like vampire stories – of the Anne Rice variety, NOT the Stephanie Meyer variety – and a bit of witchcraft then this book is for you.

Strigoi by Wynter Wilkins

Strigoi by Wynter Wilkins

The synopsis:

Lady Renata LeSabitine is a mortal witch who comes from a long lineage of Gypsies. Kidnapped and adopted at birth by an evil vampire coven, Renata is forced into a cruel and corrupt life. Renata’s adopted father arranges for her to marry a fellow vampire who holds tight reins on Renata and demands she give up her religion and practicing witchcraft. Hoping to seek divine help, Renata meets Lord Lane Deluca. They fall in love and vow to be together, but Renata’s fiancée has other plans in store for the couple. Can Lane save Renata from the evil vampire, or will her blood be splattered on Lane’s hands?

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New Orleans Vampire Murder: The Real Story Televised

Those of you who follow this blog might be interested to know that one of the stories we mentioned here at The Witching Hour blog is part of a TV series on Investigation Discovery (ID). The story was about Shawn Johnson. Here on the blog it’s titled New Orleans Vampire Murder: A Lesson in Truth. (Please note: This episode has nothing to do with our blog entry other than a shared topic.)

The Investigation Discovery (ID) network has a show called “Dead of Night”. They aired an episode titled “Bourbon Street Bloodbath” regarding this phantasmagorical murder on Tuesday, March 26, 2013.
A clip from the show titled “He Heard Screaming” is/was available here:

If you have the ID channel, you can see when the “Bourbon Street Bloodbath” episode airs by going to this website:

If you aren’t able to watch it, I finally posted a recap of “Burbon Street Bloodbath” after watching the show– granted, the show was still worth watching.

New Orleans Vampire Murder: A Lesson in Truth


When I first set out to research this story for The Witching Hour, it was under the pretense that the details of the story I’d heard on a ghost walk and again in a book on vampire murders in New Orleans, Louisiana were true. But, the more I searched, the less I found. I was hitting a brick wall.

The story I’d heard was that in 2003 some fellow was in New Orleans for a convention. Somehow, in the wee hours of the morning, “Kevin” found his way to a “Skull and Chain” theme bar (I believe that’s a goth-type bar) called “The Dungeon” The bar opens at midnight and is said to be run by a vampire. This poor gentleman was approached by three young ladies, one wearing a bloodied wedding dress and claiming to be a vampire. The fellow took the women back to his hotel room, where they drank champagne and enjoyed a soak in the hot tub. Eventually, they would bludgeon him in the head with the champagne bottle, slit his throat and drink his blood out of paper Dixie Cups. The wedding dress wearing deviant had some lofty New Orleans connections which allowed her to get off the hook… so if you’re ever in New Orleans and you venture out to strange bars in the early hours of the morning, watch out! You might be next!
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