10 Stories of Witches in IL

I wish I had seen this list before my trip last month, but it was only shared today on the forum where I found it.

10. St Omer Witch Grave
9. The Chesterville Witch
8. The Persecution of Toby Allen
7. Strange Case of Elizabeth Friend
6. Beulah, the Meridian Witch
5. The Hanging of Moreau
4. Eva Locker
3. “Black Annie”
2. The Williams Sisters
1. Mary Worth

A few observations about this list:

  • none of the stories come from the height of the witchcraft craze begun in Salem
  • not all are women, as is traditionally believed
  • one of our members here on the blog lives near Chesterville and is familiar with the witch grave story and believes that she was more than likely a feminist who ran afoul of the Amish people
  • the authors of this list don’t necessarily buy into the stories, but simply share them and all knowledge of the rumours surrounding each tale

List with details


Real Life Spooky Places to Visit

The following link takes us to such a great write up of real-life creepy places to pay a visit to during the Halloween season, I had to pass it along! I am taking the next excerpt straight from the Tripwolf blog’s e-mail notification itself, as an introduction to their post:

Like Halloween, but don’t like all this fake blood and guts stuff? Experience real ghost stories, stories so potent they were immortalized in popular literature. Discover the truth underlying the writings of Washington Irving, Arthur Miller and Edgar Allen Poe.

Plan a different sort of Halloween, one filled with real-life gruesome tales ~ Visit the grave of the headless horseman, or stand under the tree where 19 witches were sentenced to hang in Salem, Mass.


In The Name of God I Condemn Thee To Death: The Salem Witch Trials


“You’re a liar! I’m no more a witch than you are a wizard! If you take my life away, God will give you blood to drink!” ~Sarah Good, shortly before she was executed for witchcraft, July 19, 1692.

There are those who speak with the Lord’s name on their tongue and have nothing but evil intent. They may even fool themselves into believing that they are doing God’s work, and committing the most heinous of deeds can be justified if it is done in the name of a deity. More often than not, the deeds are born out of a selfish need for power or property, with the conviction that God wants them to have these things at any cost. Such is the case of 20 murders that took place over three hundred years ago in the name of preserving the righteous. In actuality, it was the end result of family rivalries and town politics that spiraled from rumors and gossip to hunting down innocent citizens so they could be tried for the crime of witchcraft. These events live forever in history as the Salem Witch Trials.

Danvers Massachusetts is the present day location of what was Salem Village 300 years ago. Continue reading