Skyfall’s Ghost Town

In the Summer of 2011, we had a series about ghost towns from around the world. I wrote a story about a ghost town which actually takes up an entire island. Hashima Island, off the coast of Japan, was once the home to thousands of workers who were employed by Mitsubishi Corporation as coal miners. This year, the island is featured in the latest James Bond film Skyfall as the hide out for Silva and where Bond is taken to meet him for the first time.

You can enjoy my original write up about the island here: Ghost Towns: Hashima Island, Japan

Ghost Towns: Hashima Island, Japan


Imagine living on an island that’s a mere 15 acres of land. Sounds like a lot of room, right? Considering that 15 acres is .02 square miles and at it’s peak, there were 5,259* individuals living within this 15 acre compound, it’s quite cramped. Highrise apartments reached high into the sky, pressed tightly together, providing housing to those who were forced to live and work on this island that was once considered the most densely populated area on earth.
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Ghost Towns: Humberstone & Santa Laura, Chile

The most abandoned places in the world are mines. The mining industry has spotted the American southwest with old gold, silver and copper mines– ghost towns which are remnants of bygone days. Since mining isn’t exclusive to the United States, it comes as no surprise that there are mining camps in other countries that have been abandoned over time.In Chile’s Province of Iquique sit two abandoned Saltpeter (Potassium Nitrate and Sodium Nitrate) Mines– Humberstone and Santa Laura.
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